Hellooooo!!  I’m Brenda and BRGUEVARA.com is my little escape from reality. I graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) as. Fashion Design major with a few business classes. I’m super passionate about fashion but more importantly passionate about making every woman no matter what size they feel beautiful.

The reason I created this website is so that I could show you guys a few of my favorite outfits, and show you where to get some of my favorite items.
In a few weeks, I will add a shopping tab where you guys can purchase some of the items that I have made. They will all be done 100% by me and by hand/machine so stay tuned! 😉

If you guys have any questions, or comments feel free to email me. I’m always open for collabs <3


EMAIL: brguevara614@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: @bahhhhrenda