Back to School

Photographer: Nestor Valadez

Back to School

Summer is almost over, and that can only mean that it is time to go back to school. I am probably one of the very few that are actually excited to go back. Ever since I got accepted into the Columbus College of Art and Design, nothing has been the same. My first three years out of High school was spent at Columbus State, and even though Columbus State was a decent school, it’s not where I wanted to be. I wanted to be next door next to all the creative art students.

My favorite thing about art school is that it almost feels like you’re not even doing real work. I could spend hours and hours learning new things about something that I am passionate about. The atmosphere is different than a regular college, and that motivated me because everyone is very competitive and they’re also as passionate as I am about fashion.



The Outfit


I always like to start the semester with a good outfit. Every six months I meet new people and new professors, and I always try to make sure I have a good first impression. My classes are usually 2-3 hours long, so I also have to make sure that I am comfortable as well.

I fell in love with this little white dress from ASOS, and it ended up being super short but I just added a pair of nude short underneath, and I was ready to go. My favorite thing about it was how simple it is because I could change it up so in so many ways with different accessories and jackets.

If you’re looking at this outfit thinking that I am crazy for wearing a jacket during this time of year, then you are probably right, but I tend to get cold easily. Most of my classes are in one building, and they tend to keep the building nice and cold. The good thing about jackets is that you can put them on or take them off whenever you please so if I do end up getting hot and I can just remove it, but my outfit is still cute.

For my shoes, I wanted to keep the black and white theme going on, so I wore my Adidas to give this outfit a very comfortable but chic look.



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