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Dress [Express ] // Shoes (Similar) [Steve Madden] //

 Picking an Outfit

My favorite part of the day is being able to wake up and start with a fresh canvas. I believe that my style changes depending on my mood and I love that. I used to be the girl who would pick her outfit the night before but as I got older, things started to change.

This morning I woke up wanting a challenge, I wanted to pick an item that I have not worn in a while or ever and I went for this White Express Sleeveless Cotton Fit and Flare Shirt Dress. Even though this is a very cute dress, I was always afraid to wear it out because the fabric is very light weight and I thought that it was see-through. Happy to say that if you wear a nice pair of nude panties and a nude bra and you are good to go or if you are like me and still feel a little exposed, you can also wear a nude slip.

My favorite part about this dress is that I can pretty much wear it for any occasion.This would be a really cute dress for a casual office day or a dinner party. The darts in the bodice allows for the dress to hug your bust area and enhancing all the right places, where the skirt part flares out hiding your tummy area.



Beauty is Pain

During my spring break, my best friend and I took a little trip to New York. While we were there, we decided to go to the major thrift stores and just browse around. As soon as I walked into Beacon’s Closet, these nude Steve Madden suede heels grabbed my attention. Luckily enough, they were also my size. I did not hesitate and went ahead and bought them for twenty-one dollars and fifty cents! WHAT A STEAL IF YOU ASK ME!!

I felt weird trying them on because I did not have socks or anything so I decided to wait until I was back home where I could be able to clean them. Once they were nice and clean, I went on and tried them on, they fit perfectly but they were super uncomfortable. I was very upset because they were such a cute pair of heels.

There is a phrase in Spanish, “antes muerta, que sencilla,” which translates to “first dead than simple” and I tried to live by these wise words every day.

Even though, these nude heels are super uncomfortable I still wear them because of how cute they are. Since they’re pointed heels, they make my legs look longer than what they really are and they can pretty much go with any outfit.

I did not feel like being extra so I went for a very simple hair style and very “natural” looking makeup. I did, however, went for one of my all time favorite Kylie Lip Kits in the shade Ginger. It was a good way to add some color to the look without over doing it. I also decided to include this extremely cute pink scarf. The bright pink and the hearts gave me Barbie vibes.




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