Photographer: Staind Photography

Dress: Forever21 // Jacket: Thrifted // Scarf: Thrifted

 Columbus Editorial Society

Happy Fourth of July little ones! Today I have something a little different to share with you. I was recently invited to join a group called Columbus Editorial Society and it’s one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. It has been such an awesome experience! I’ve attended two events so far and I got to meet a bunch of  talented folks.

Columbus Editorial is a collaborative group of artist which include: models, photographers, video-photographers, stylist, MUAs, etc and they get together a couple times a month to work together in places that the group rents out to do shoots. It’s a great way to make new connections!


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Model Status

I have never considered myself a model, I don’t like having a lot of attention on me specially when it comes to photos. I’m more of a selfie-queen, I like being in control and I like being able to edit my own photos but being in the group and seeing all these talented photographers has made me open up and has allowed me to give other people a chance and I could not be happier with the results. Having a YouTube channel and now a blog, has pushed me to try new things. I still don’t consider myself a model but I am now more comfortable standing in front of a photographer and posing.

The great thing about this is that I have the chance to also meet other models, girls who are actually serious about modeling. My thing is designing but I need models to wear my garments and what better place to see what they have than a place like this.

Every time there’s a shoot, I like to kind of just hang out and see their potential for future collections.


Red White and Calvin Klein

Last event I attended was Red White and Calvin Klein, and it was super fun! This shoot took place in their studio and everyone was ready! Everyone brought many outfits and everything was very patriotic. As models, you have the option to change into as many outfits as you want and shoot with as many photographers as you want. I was in a bit of a hurry so I was not able to shoot with as many outfits as I would’ve liked but I was able to squeeze a 4th of July look as well as a CK look.




Photographer: Susan Photographs

Sports Bra: CK // Boy Shorts: CK // Jacket: Thrifted // Jeans: Express


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