My Signature Summer Look

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Every time we reach a new season, I always like to have an outfit ready for any last minute plans.
You can never go wrong with picking out a pretty little dress.
The dress that I fell in love with for this summer was this blue floral printed tiered fit and flare dress from Express. Florals for summer? Groundbreaking I know. This dress really stood out to me because I don’t think I have ever seen a dress like this. Not only is it a beautiful blue color but the detail on the bust area really sold me. Having a small chest makes it difficult sometimes to wear a low cut dress without looking like a five year old. This dress however made me feel like the twenty-two year old that I am. The bodice really hugs you and pulls everything together, while it flares at the waist giving it a tiered silhouette. This is a very romantic dress that can be worn to a cute outdoors event or cocktail hour!

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Embarrassed to wear the same dress to different events?
Don’t be. If you do it the right way, no one will even care. When wearing the same dress over and over, make sure that you accessories differently. If you are attending a date with someone special, dress it up a little bit and wear heels with cute jewelry.
If you’re just having a girls night and you guys decide to attend gallery hop, and you know that they are going to make you walk all night then make sure that you wear cute little brown flat sandals or wedges if you are brave!

For this look, I decided to wear something as if I were on a cute date with someone at the Park of Roses. I went with these brown heels that I got from Tj Maxx a couple years ago along with my everyday silver jewelry: Tiffany & Co bracelet and my Pandora Princess ring. This look is super casual but it makes me feel comfortable and pretty.

Going on dates makes me anxious enough, I don’t need anything extra like worrying about not being able to walk in heels or having an uncomfortable dress on. Thats why I wanted to wear a dress that was not too low nor too long and I went with a pair of heels that have a thick heel.

Having that summer glow is an essential for this summer!
I love wearing make up, but during the summer I like to keep it light and wear the bear minimum.
Since my face has a lot of dark spot, I still tend to wear a full coverage foundation and concealer but I tend to get rid of heavy contouring and heavy eye make up.
The only powders that go on my face during the summer are setting powder, blush and of course, highlight.

During the summer, I go crazy with my highlight. I like it when people can see my highlight from miles away. My top 3 highlights for this summer are:


1. MAC- Gold Deposit Highlighter

 This is a very nice highlighter for the days where I feel like literally glowing. it is very pigmented and it definitely gives my skin a gold finish. I love to wear this at night because it is a little more noticeable than my other highlighters.

2.  Anastasia- Glow Kit

I love this highlighter for an everyday use. It gives me a very natural look. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this with my tan skin. The pink tones that this highlighter has makes it seem as if I had already applied blush so I guess you can say it works as a 2 for 1 type deal. I usually get a lot of compliments when I use this Highlighter. I use a funky trick when applying. I like to mix all the colors into my brush and then apply it to my skin. I never have just used one color. I don’t know why…. I just always want to use them all because they’re all just so pretty.

3. Jack Hill x Becca Highlighter

This Highlighter was one of the first highlighter I ever bought and I was so pleased. Unfortunately it was a limited addition one but I was able to find it on eBay for you guys. In a way this is a mixture between the Gold Deposit and the Glow Kit because it has that very gold highlighter but like the glow kit, it has a darker tone and a lighter tone to apply in other parts of your face. I like to mix the middle color and the color on the right end to apply to my cheek bones and the more pearl color to apply on the tip and bridge of my nose and it makes it really stand out.

For the most part, my Summer Signature Look is super simple.

I made sure to have a really pretty dress that could be used to multiple occasions and made sure that I had the perfect summer glow with my highlighters.

Don’t over do it. Summer is about being able to wear light things and go on crazy adventures. If heels are not your thing then don’t wear them. Be true to yourself and be confident and smile because that is your best accessories.

Trust me, when you feel uncomfortable people are able to tell so just wear things that truly make you feel good. The reason I made this blog is not to tell you how you should dress, it is to show you my tricks and for you to be able to apply them to your style. I’m a very last minute type person so I always like to have back-up plans. Having your summer signature look picked out is going to make your summer go a lot more smoother specially if you have a family like mine who likes to plan last minute things and lets you know at the last minute!

I really hope you guys enjoy your summer. Try to go out and find new places and meet new people.



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